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A Look Inside STOP®

The award-winning DuPont™ STOP® program provides a path to workplace safety excellence by making safe behavior and workplace conditions part of the work culture – thus preventing injuries and incidents.

STOP® (Safety Training Observation Program) was developed by five DuPont plants and has been used throughout the world by DuPont as well as many other organizations. The objective of the program is to stop injuries by improving safety observation skills and helping people talk with each other about safety. It teaches employees to recognize safe and unsafe conditions as well as safe and unsafe acts.

See for yourself how DuPont helps to provide people with the safest workplace possible with A Look Inside STOP®. During this one-day workshop, a certified STOP® trainer - who has hands-on experience implementing STOP® - will outline why the STOP® principles work, how the programs are structured and how it can be rolled out in your workplace.

Who Should Attend?

  • Safety personnel, safety committee members and operations managers who are new to the STOP® offering and would like to understand how the STOP® principles can revolutionize how employees look at safety.
  • Those who want to understand how improving employee observation and communication skills can not only reduce injuries, but also improve quality and productivity.
  • Those who haven't looked at STOP® for a few years. Come and see what's new!

STOP® is all about developing safety awareness. It builds your safety awareness by helping you “see safety” in your workplace. Just as an architect "sees design" in any building he enters, your employees can always "see safety" once they learn to continuously observe for safety - looking for safe and unsafe conditions.

Discover how STOP® can get your employees "seeing safety" in your workplace with A Look Inside STOP®.



Workshop Agenda

Time Itinerary
8:30 a.m. Networking breakfast and registration
9:00 a.m. Welcome and Introductions
9:45 a.m. Purpose
10:00 a.m. Today’s Culture
10:30 a.m. A Model of Safety Culture Maturity
11:00 a.m. Key Points of STOP®
11:30 a.m. A Look Inside STOP®
12:00 p.m. Lunch
12:30 p.m. A Look Inside STOP® (continued)
1:00 p.m. Field Observations – Observing Others & Giving Feedback
1:30 p.m. STOP DataPro®, Implementation & Pitfalls
2:00 p.m. Workshop Concludes

A Look Inside STOP® Workshop Dates 2019

*Agenda and schedule subject to change.

Contact us for additional information or register to attend a STOP® overview free webinar!