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More Than A Gut Feeling

(a savings of $1300)

Product Description

Ensure productive interviews, avoid legal liabilities and hire the employees that will help your organization achieve the bottom line. Tap Dr. Paul Green's time-honored and ever-reliable indicator of future work behavior. Give your managers and HR staff the confidence that they're hiring the best! The course covers planning a logical and structured interview, avoiding gut-feeling-based decisions, and sidestepping illegal questions.


  • Overview and Objectives

Why "More Than A Gut Feeling"?

  • Behavior-Based Interviewing
  • How to Identify Job Skills

How to Conduct an Interview

  • Guidelines for Developing Questions
  • Discriminatory Questions
  • Steps for Conducting a Successful Interview

How to Implement Behavior-Based Interviewing

  • How to Evaluate and Select
  • Handling Difficult Interviewing Situations
  • Implementing Behavior-Based Interviewing

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Other Details

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