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Information Privacy Policy

This policy defines the commitment of Coastal to protect the privacy of personal information that is collected or used by Coastal in the course of conducting Coastal business. The scope of this Policy includes the collection and use of employee, customer, supplier and other third-party personal information. On a global basis, Coastal will, and will cause its affiliates to, establish and maintain business procedures that are consistent with this policy.

We respect the privacy rights of individuals.

Coastal takes privacy seriously and is committed to complying with all legal requirements regarding privacy of personal information. Coastal will, from time to time, review its personal information collection, use, and disclosure practices in order to assure compliance with laws and regulations.

We give notice of all Personal Information collection.

Coastal will give notice when personal information is collected consistently with applicable law. All notices will explain the need for the information and describe how the information will be used.

We get explicit consent for sensitive information/opt-in.

To the extent required by applicable law, Coastal will maintain procedures to assure that sensitive information is collected with explicit consent.

We process and distribute information consistent with the notice.

Coastal will collect and use personal information consistent with the notices that have been provided. However, Coastal may decide to remove identifiable features from collected personal information and the resulting information may then be used for statistical, historic, scientific or other purposes consistent with applicable law.

We provide information security.

Coastal will use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the security of personal information and protect the integrity of such information.

We provide individuals with a way to access and correct their information.

Coastal will maintain reasonable procedures consistent with applicable law for individuals to gain access to their collected personal information and, when appropriate, correct any information that is inaccurate or incomplete, or have their personal information deleted.

We require others who process Coastal data to comply with applicable law.

Coastal will require others who acquire or provide personal information from or to Coastal, including those engaged to provide support services, to appropriately protect personal information.

We provide a way to process complaints.

Coastal will publish the procedures for responding to complaints regarding potential deviations from its established procedures for protecting your personal information.

We will disclose Personal Information when required by Law or court order.

Coastal will as permitted or required by law or court order, collect, use, transfer and/or disclose personal information pursuant to procedures that do not require giving notice (for example, in connection with law enforcement investigations).

We retain the flexibility to change this policy.

Coastal reserves the right to modify and update this policy or its related business practices at any time.

If you are concerned about our use of your Personal Information, please contact us at, with the subject line "privacy".

Reviewed October 2016